Stage 1 of the migration to ICON 2.0 is officially complete.

Nymkappa, a product manager at ICON recently posted:

(Image taken from ICONkr)

The ICON Foundation’s four internal nodes have imported all the mainnet blocks. Now they’re waiting for the community — i.e., the main P-Reps — to update their Loopchain.

Though the deadline to update Loopchain is Oct. 26, the network could move forward to Stage 2 earlier if the P-Reps are ready.

ICON’s P-Reps voted to approve the migration to ICON 2.0 on Oct. 7.

Stage 2?

So, what happens now?

When the P-Reps are ready, the second stage of the migration can begin.

During this second stage, P-Reps should download and run the new, Go-based node software Goloop and import the new database generated in Stage 1.

This stage should take two or three days.

Once all the main P-Reps are synced with the mainnet, the network can move forward to Stage 3, when the P-Reps activate ICON 2.0 on the mainnet.

When the time comes, the ICON Foundation will submit a network proposal to upgrade the network revision. If P-Reps approve this proposal, ICON1 will automatically stop producing blocks and ICON2 — that is, ICON 2.0 — will start.

Nymkappa told The Iconist, “We are discussing internally a tentative date for ICON2 mainnet launch and we will communicate it soon. We’re looking at the first week of November right now.