Now that September has ended, ICON released its updated roadmap. Despite slight delays to the original schedule, the Foundation is working hard to ensure a smooth transition to decentralization. To refresh your memory, here are the new dates to keep in mind.   

  • Pre-voting: from August 24th until October 29th, 2019 UTC 05:00
  • Decentralization: starting October 29th, 2019 UTC 05:00
  • Buffer period: until November 29th, 2019
  • Mobile Staking: in October

Pre-voting and Decentralization

As previously announced, the pre-voting period has been extended by an extra month to give developers more time to test and stabilize the network. ICONists can thus vote and earn rewards until October 29th, 2019. The Foundation will maintain reward distribution until this date. ICON is also granting P-Reps a one-month buffer period to allow them to familiarize themselves with operations in the early stages of decentralization. The Slashing function, a 6% burning penalty, will be in effect at the end of November. 

Mobile Staking 

Originally slated for release in late September, the ICONex mobile staking capabilities will now be launched in tandem with decentralization in late October. This slight delay will allow developers to solve Java issues and enhance stability. 

The Foundation stated, “While we understand these updates may be disappointing to some ICONists in our community, we are trying to ensure a smooth and successful launch of the network and ask for your patience and understanding.”

For a full list of ICON’s technology roadmap updates, which includes the completion of a signature verifying function in SCORE and stabilization of Block Version 3.0, you can refer to their Medium blog.