Monthly Archives: October, 2019

It’s a Regulatory Mess. But It Could Be Worse.

Despite being the world's third largest crypto-economy, Korea's regulatory regime is still confusing, to say the least.

The Intern Perspective: A Journey Towards the Moon

Former intern Husnain gives us an inside look into working at ICON and developing his own entrepreneurship project.

Block42 Promotes Europe in ICON and ICON in Europe

As founder of ICON Europe, block42 is looking to unite European ICONists and strengthen ICON's presence in the region.

From Cold-Calling to On The Ground Marketing: UNBLOCK’s Expansion Strategy

Tokyo-based candidate UNBLOCK boasts an international team that is perfect to bring ICON to worldwide markets.

Gearing Up For Decentralization in October

ICON releases its September roadmap update, which include changes to the decentralization schedule and mobile staking update.

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