Got content creation skills?

ICON wants YOU.

The ICON team will soon announce the launch of an “ambassador” program for the ICONSENSUS campaign.

ICON will select 10 individuals or teams to create posts, videos or other content about ICONSENSUS, a series of election milestones beginning with the election of P-Reps.

According to ICON, the program will run for three months, at least initially. It’s a paid gig, too, though details on compensation will have to wait until the official announcement, which could come as early as Thursday.

The program not only aims to promote the ICONSENSUS campaign, but is also part of ICON’s broader efforts to engage with the community. There had already been talk in the ICON community of an ambassador program, so it’s exciting to see that talk finally materialize into an actual program.

Stay tuned for more information, which will be coming very soon.