Voting has commenced for Round 13 of the Contribution Proposal System (CPS).

This time around, node validators will be voting to approve and fund five projects.

Like last time, let’s look at who is asking for how much to do what.

Tracker Infrastructure and Development

Total Budget: 23,000 bnUSD

Project Duration: 1 month

Sudoblock is seeking a cool 23,000 bnUSD for a month-long project for the “operation of the tracker, community endpoints and associated services for the period of May 25 to June 20.”

You’ll recall that most of the development work on this project was completed under two previous grants, including the last grant to migrate the infrastructure from AWS to Vultr.

According to the team, the move to Vultr is money well spent:

We are confident that we can substantially complete the migration to Vultr with this proposal and thereby reduce cloud costs to under $5,000 per month going forward.”

That’s a 60% reduction in costs. 

The team expects to turn off the remaining services on AWS by mid-June at the latest.

Drogon – a Hardhat-like tool for ICON

Total Budget: 40,000 bnUSD

Project Duration: 2 months

The Amsterdam-based blockchain and security team led by ant4g0nist wants to develop Drogon, a “robust, lightweight application development framework used for developing, testing, and deploying smart contracts on the ICON blockchain.”

Why is this cool thing?

Well, it apparently makes life much easier on developers.

The core features of the Drogon makes ICON smart contract developers’ life easy by providing support for multiple contract compilations, tests, and deploying on a public and private network.”

As the name of the project suggests, this makes Drogon something akin to Hardhat, the Ethereum development environment.

The team has apparently done something like this before, having built a Hardhat-like development environment and testing framework for Tezos.

iconTV YouTube Campaign

Total Budget: 5,994 bnUSD

Project Duration: 6 months

The folk at Mineable wants to fund iconTV, a “YouTube channel dedicated to covering ICON news and updates.”

iconTV aims to provide information and awareness about ICON, attract new users to ICX, and to inform the existing ICON community.

Under the proposal, Minable would produce a new iconTV episode every month over six months. So, think of this as USD 999 an episode.

Ledger Live Desktop Integration – Modified

Total Budget: 19,200 bnUSD

Project Duration: 2 months

The Techiast team wants to natively integrate the ICON blockchain to Ledger Live application.

What’s Ledger Live, you ask?

Well, Ledger Live is the Web3 wallet created by the company that created the Ledger crypto hardware devices.

As it would happen, the team found that “over 50% of ICX users use Ledger Live and with an additional 30% having expressed interest in using Ledger Live if given the opportunity for their ICON-based tokens.”

There’s a long-term vision to this project, too.

For a longer vision, we are eager to integrate other ICON tokens to the Ledger Live application itself and introduce a swap interface utilizing the underlying mechanism provided by trading platforms such as Balanced DEX. Additionally, with the use of BTP and other interconnecting features of ICON, more integration in the future could open the door to easing interchain swapping of tokens between the various chains in the BTP ecosystem.”

Fling – DEX Aggregator and Trading Tool

Total Budget: 65,000 bnUSD

Project Duration: 3 months

MouseBelt’s project to build a DEX aggregator and trading tool for ICON has gotten the votes two rounds in a row, so clearly, the community thinks this is a good idea. They haven’t gotten the funding, though. Maybe third time’s a charm? We’ll see.