Let’s take a look at the latest happenings in ICON’s NFT game ecosystem.

Code Metal Approved

ICX-powered NFT battle simulator Code Metal: Generation Zero has been approved by the CPS.

That means the ICON ecosystem will get yet another promising NFT game.

So, what is Code Metal: Generation Zero about?

From the CPS proposal:

Code Metal: Generation Zero is a battle-to-earn, on-chain battle simulator, with a unique collection of algorithmically generated HERO NFT’s built on the ICON blockchain. It’s a fun, competitive game that anyone can play – with a lot more running under the hood!

Code Metal is being built by Mineable in collaboration with ICONation. According to the CPS proposal, it’s a four-month project.

You can follow the game’s progress via Twitter at @CodeMetal_NFT.

More on SPERA

Dr. ICON has posted something a bit about the upcoming NFT game platform SPERA:

Square Robot is an NFT project at Craft Network featuring work designed for use on SPERA.

What is really interesting, though, can be found in the comments. Namely, we learn:

  • SPERA will be a separate blockchain.
  • However, that blockchain will use ICON’s technology, namely BTP.
  • It will thus be easy to use ICX-based NFTs.
  • Dr. ICON says, “They will use BTP and create new NFT interchain that specialized in game. It will help ICON transactions by using CFT, Balanced  and ICE.”

SPERA is a blockchain-based interchain NFT game platform by ICONLOOP, the ICON Foundation and Korean game services startup 2bytes Corp.

Using ICON’s BTP technology, SPERA will connect NFTs issued on different blockchain networks and platforms, making them interoperable.

Wonderland-inspired NFT Collection?

Animator Tom Thistle will be releasing an NFT collection inspired by the upcoming NFT game Wonderland.

The collection will be available exclusively on Craft Network, one of ICON’s premier NFT marketplaces.

You’ll recall that Wonderland also recently announced it was offering rewards for ICON members and “Shrommies” who want to get involved with the ICON ecosystem.

Those rewards include ICX-based character minting, minting discounts and participation in the game’s SHROOM airdrop.

Inspired by “Alice and Wonderland,” Wonderland is a P2E risk protocol game that allows characters in the game to risk and gain Mushroom Tokens — $SHROOM — from each other. 

The three characters Alice, Queen and Cards will have unique NFTs and abilities to play strategic risk games with their $SHROOM to gain even more.

SuperNode Racing Garage

Wanna know what NFT racing ecosystem SuperNode Racing’s garage will look like?

Well, here you go:

Oh, and SuperNode Racing will be hosting a “fireside” chat on its Discord on Mar. 27.

SuperNode Racing is a “racing management ecosystem” that issues NFT business licenses to open up gas stations, parts shops and other racing-related businesses.

And of course, you can build, own and race your own racing cars that are styled around blockchain tokens like ICX.

Project Nebula: Starmapping

NFT space exploration game Project Nebula now offers “starmapping.”

That is to say, players who have earned an Empty Map Drive can now craft and sell “starmaps” to others.

What is this starmapping that you speak of?

A Starmap is an NFT that holds all the information of a single sector in it. When loaded into your ship’s computers, it will instantly explore the whole area for you, revealing all map locations including solar systems and wormholes, as well as any temporary objects such as asteroids or even other players’ ships. Another huge benefit of having explored hexes is the reduced fuel costs that apply to your ship on already known territories, enabling up to 5x more movement in these areas.”

Inspired by the likes of the Expanse TV series, the RPG Stars Without Number, the Blade Runner movies and Dune, Project Nebula lets players “explore a vast universe, colonise planets, build up their industry and learn new technologies while advancing their space empires and competing with other players.”