And around the ICON Republic…

Welcome to CoinMarketCap, Craft

The CFT —  the governance token of the Craft Network, ICON’s very own NFT market — has been listed on CoinMarketCap, one of the world’s most referenced cryptocurrency tracking sites.

This makes it easier to track CFT’s price and other market data. It also gives the CFT more exposure.

The development comes at a good time, too. The Craft Network recently announced it was in the “final phase of testing for the native $CFT staking.”

The project said, “This is a big milestone for Craft since it will allow the marketplace to be truly community-owned thanks to this revenue-sharing model.”

This writer’s favorite Craft Network moment was when South Korean presidential candidate Yoon Seok-youl used it last month to mint an NFT to commemorate a speech to startups last month.

ICE/SNOW Testnet Coming Soon

Wanna develop on ICE or SNOW?

Well, good news — the ICE Network has announced that it aims to launch the testnet for SNOW and ICE by the end of the month.

There was much rejoicing. And also some inquiries when the airdrop is coming.

ICE is the “EVM-compatible blockchain designed to serve as the decentralized application hub for the ICON ecosystem” and “only EVM-compatible parachain that is also optimized for ICON’s BTP,” while SNOW is ICE’s canary network on Kusama “before targeting an ICE launch on Polkadot later on.”

Six CPS Projects Approved

The most recent CPS voting period has concluded, and 193,900 bnUSD will be going to six approved projects.

Those projects are:

  • “Tracker Operations and DevOps” by @geometry_icon
  • “Convexus” by @ICONationTeam & @protokol7_com
  • “Lucky Spin Slots Game for ICONbet” by @GPS_Gaming_ & @VibraVidInc
  • “Appalachian Community Action and Development Agency Educational Program” by @App_CAA
  • “http://ICX.WIKI” by icx DOT wiki

And some online news site about ICON was approved, too.

ICON’s CPS has undergone a number of improvements, most notably, projects can now receive funding in bnUSD, the ICON network’s native stablecoin. This provides teams with stable funding, free from the volatility of cryptocurrency markets.

New to ICON?

Need some quick primers on the ICON universe?

The ICON Foundation recently penned a couple of introductory articles, including ones on BTP, ICX and ICON in general.

Check them out on the “learn” section of the ICON Foundation’s Medium site.