ZenSports Officially Assumes Control of Nevada Casino

Popular ICON-based sports betting platform ZenSports continues to grow its empire.

ZenSports exercised its non-restricted gaming license of Big Wheel Casino in Nevada on Oct. 26. This let’s them offer their sports betting app anywhere in the state. 

They will also be taking over The Book at Baldini’s sometimes after the Superbowl.

New ICON website

If you haven’t checked out the ICON Foundation’s spiffy new website, please give it a look.

Naturally enough, the foundation’s renovated online home emphasizes the network’s improved capabilities since the launch of ICON 2.0, including BTP and ICE.

BTW, in case you haven’t seen it, watch the ICON Foundation’s video introduction of the “networks of networks.” Share it with someone you love.

Devera Blockathon — Expansion 2.0

Devera — an IT academy and career training center at Vietnam National University — is hosting a blockathon that challenges you, the developer, to “discover revolutionary solutions to expand the ICON 2.0 ecosystem and be a part of the future of blockchain technology.”

ICONDAO, the team behind Devera, tweeted, “Revving up our engines for BLOCKATHON – Expansion 2.0, our solution to catalyzing new projects for #ICONProject ecosystem. Follow 

@DevBlockathon & share the news with fellow developers. Over $30,000 USD in prizes and a chance to turn your dApp ideas to reality.”