The success of decentralization and MyID Alliance comes with two notable follow-ups: the release of mobile staking and MyID Alliance channels. Indeed, ICONists can now stake and vote via their ICONex mobile wallet! For iOS users that is. But don’t worry, the Android version should be updated shortly. As for MyID Alliance, a website and Facebook page were just launched to ramp up promotions and spread the word. There is surely more news to come in the first quarter of 2020 as they launch MyID as a commercialized service.

Nearly a month into decentralization and P-Reps are keeping up momentum. Despite a slight hiccup earlier this week, ICON and P-Reps demonstrated their dedication to the project and troubleshooted all night to resolve the issue and stabilize the network. Several P-Reps also announced important partnerships, collaboration projects, and grant and governance proposals, so make sure to check out the highlights below. A special shoutout to Corey Costa of ICONVIET who recently interviewed Ricky Dodds and Changju Lee (aka “Dr.ICON”) to ask them questions from the community. Topics include updates on S-Coin, BTP progress, MyID Alliance and the benefits to ICON/ICX, just to name a few. You can watch it here

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