Now that June has ended, ICON released its quarterly recap on its latest achievements for the second quarter of 2019. The update is categorized by 4 key performance indicators: ecosystem, MOU/partnership, development and events. Here’s a brief overview:


ICON’s journey towards mass adoption is moving forward at full speed. Ahead of elections, P-Rep candidates are operating on the 2nd Phase of the P-Rep TestNet. ICONists had a chance to watch the ICONSENSUS P-Rep Candidate Conference Calls, get a better sense of the staking and rewards systems from the IISS Update, and enjoy plenty of ICON-generated content made by the 10 ICONSENSUS Campaign Ambassadors! The world was also able to witness ICON’s network performance through the TX Challenge, which is now in its final round.

MOU / Partnership

In the past 3 months alone, ICON has continued securing several major partnerships with the likes of, VELIC, Chain Partners, MixMarvel and Infinity Stones


On the development front, ICONLOOP launched DPASS (Decentralized Passport), a mobile application that will utilize ICON’s decentralized identity authentication systems based on the ICON public blockchain. In addition, the implementation of ICON’s decentralized exchange (DEX) has been completed with its sources and materials published on GitHub, and ICONLOOP’s ‘broof’, a certificate issuance service, was released in May. For more development details, you can refer to ICON’s development roadmap


ICON recently opened up its own meetup space, dubbed the ‘ICON LOUNGE’, in the hopes of connecting various blockchain projects together. The first event ‘ICON DApp Meetup’ was a great success and provided plenty of networking opportunities. The second quarter’s most notable events include ICON sponsoring Toronto’s Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) conference and Korea’s DevGround 2019.

“The ICON Team will be working on the planned milestones in the third quarter, while at the same time, continuing to make efforts to enable development outcomes to be implemented as services that offer greater value and convenience,” states their Medium post.

For a complete overview of ICON’s 2Q achievements, refer to their original announcement.