Up for a bit of a challenge?

The ICON Team announced Thursday that it would launch what they are calling the “ICON TX (Transaction) Challenge.”

For this competition, ICON is inviting the blockchain experts of tomorrow to build services—DApps or websites—on the ICON platform. ICON will provide operating costs and technical support, helping participants overcome these developmental obstacles that frequently hinder new projects.

The challenge, which will run for approximately two months from June 3 to July 31, is open to anyone with an idea—developers, university students, anyone.

Now, would-be participants might be wondering what’s in it for them. Besides the thrill of a challenge, of course.

The answer is, ICX. And potentially a lot of it.

Participating teams—250 in total, selected on a first-come basis—will receive a prize of 200 ICX.

The goal is to get new services released and transacting ICX. During the period of the contest, teams will earn 0.01 ICX per transaction on a maximum of 20,000 transactions per day.

That means you could make up to 200 ICX a day over the course of almost two months.

After the two-month period, the ICON Foundation will evaluate the DApps and websites based on their level of completion, feasibility, technical soundness and use of blockchain technology.

During the two-week evaluation, the Foundation will select six teams for a final reward of 50,000 ICX each.

The “ICON TX Challenge” is part of ICON’s effort to promote the development of the blockchain ecosystem by supporting developers around the world. The contest is also an open demonstration of the stability and transaction processing performance of the ICON Mainnet.

Minhwan Kim, lead of the ICON Foundation’s Communication Team, said, “Through the ICON TX Challenge, we hope to provide future blockchain experts who wish to develop blockchain services an opportunity to realize them on the ICON Network, ultimately leading to the expansion of the blockchain ecosystem.”

ICON is now accepting applications for the ICON TX Challenge. See this Medium post for the application details. NOTE: Applicants should generate and verify their smart contracts in advance.