One of the ICON ecosystem’s biggest GameFi projects has taken a major decision in the wake of the recent hack of Harmony’s bridging solution.

Collaborative DeFi game Wonder Game announced Friday that it will be migrating its 7,275 minted NFTs from Harmony to Polygon.

The Wonder Game team is currently building the migration mechanism, and will announce when its ready to deploy.

The team has stopped minting on Harmony, too, allocating the remaining 2,725 NFTs to Polygon.

Wonder Game wrote on Medium:

After the NFT migration, the Chapter 1 game that’s under development will be deployed on the Polygon blockchain. We are also looking into allowing our members to bridge the Character NFTs between Ethereum and Polygon. More details will be out later next week.”

The team said it chose Polygon because of its growing number of GameFi projects, its position in the industry and the Wonder Game team’s good relationship with the Polygon team.

Coinbase describes Polygon as “a ‘layer two’ or ‘sidechain’ scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain — allowing for speedy transactions and low fees.”

MATIC is its native cryptocurrency.

Wonder Game’s move comes after hackers — perhaps affiliated with North Korea — stole USD 100 million from Harmony by exploiting a weakness in its cross-chain bridge.

What does this mean for ICON?

While Harmony is a BTP partner and already integrated on ICON Bridge, Polygon is not, nor are there official plans to integrate the network.

That said, the ICON Foundation’s Min Kim did tweet the following:

And the ICON Foundation’s Elise Shin tweeted this:

Chapter One of Wonder Game was released on Harmony, but Chapter Two will be released on ICE, ICON’s EVM-compatible extension network and — hopefully — Polkadot parachain.

The Wonder Game team has been quite complimentary of the support they’ve received from ICON, especially regarding cross-chain technology.