The Craft Network has released its first roadmap update in, well, awhile.

But it’s a goodie, so let us summarize what ICON’s biggest NFT market has been up to.

Performance updates

For starters, Craft now has an auction feature. Wanna buy and sell NFTs in time-based bidding auctions? Now you can.

They’re planning to improve the Offers tab to make it safer and more intuitive. More generally, they are revamping the market’s browsing experience to bring into “industry practices and what NFT users are generally more accustomed to.” Some improvements have already been implemented, including a filter for collections.

Perhaps most importantly, Craft is in the “final stages” to deploy a critical update that would put in place a new real time data-sync system. This will resolve “once and for all” the data integrity issues that have occasionally plagued the network.

Craft is also working to make the network faster — four times faster, in fact — with the aim of making the load time of collections and assets near-instant.

Core Features

Like many projects on the ICON network, Craft is still working on migrating its smart contracts to Java, something that will enable new core features.

One new feature they are working on is support for multiple currencies, i.e., enabling sellers to sell their NFTs for bnUSD, CFT and other tokens. NFTs are currently listed in ICX only.

Craft also plans to create an NFT launchpad to “allow creators to have a turnkey solution to bootstrap and kickoff their presales on Craft.” This will not only attract more artists to create on ICON, it is hoped, but also generate more fees for DAO and CFT stakers.


Like many projects on ICON, Craft is looking to go multi-chain:

We are exploring any potential opportunities to expand into new markets, our current focus is to create a product that will enable the first true interchain NFT experience for Craft, stay tuned for more info.”

Well, that’s tantalizing. Lucas from Staky told us:

We have redefined the roadmap with one goal in mind: to prepare our product for the opening to other Blockchain ecosystems and therefore the opening to new markets and new users.”

He added, “We are grateful to all the Crafters and builders who make the platform what it is today: a place where people can exchange NFTs of all kinds: GameFi, collectibles, artworks and much more!