Just a couple of brief news blurbs from around the ICON Republic.

Yet another Broof use case: The Jeju International Tourism Marathon used ICONLOOP’s blockchain-based certification application “broof” to issue certificates to runners who completed the event on Sunday.

The provincial government of Jeju has hosted the race since 1995, though it was suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Broof issues tamper-proof certificates, permanently stored on the blockchain. Issuers need not built separate systems to issue highly secure certificates, while recipients can pull their certificates anywhere and anytime they like and choose the information they wish to share.

The solution — which runs on ICON’s public chain, or to put this another way, uses ICX — has been put to use by Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Korean National Police and other public organizations, as well as by major educational institutions, conferences and art businesses.

You can also use the mobile DID service Zzeung to manage and store your certificates.

ICON on KuCoin: ICON has now been listed on the KuCoin exchange.

$ICX/$USDT and $ICX/$ETH pairs are available.

Seychelles-based KuCoin was ranked the world’s #5 exchange by Coin Market Cap. As of writing, it had a 24-hour volume of USD 1,385,300,104.

Of course, ICX is available at some of the world’s other major exchanges, including Binance and Kraken, not to mention Korea’s major exchanges such as Upbit, where you can purchase ICX for KRW.