ICON’s metaverse ecosystem is growing.

The 11th CPS round granted funding to Eclectica, a “cross-chain metaverse built on ICON for everyone.”

Believing that “art is about the experience,” and that “the experiences that will store the most value over time will be 3d, one-of-one, and dynamic,” the Eclectica team wants to build a multiplayer space for up to 100 concurrent users with full custom avatars.

They also hope to empower artists through basic adjustable royalties and an expanded system to come later, to enable token-gated access and events, and support VR and AR headsets.

According to Eclectica’s CPS proposal, the metaverse provides the following:

  • 3D Graphic Artist can create there 3D spaces and sell them
  • Artists can display/auction/sell their NFT in the metaverse.
  • Users can hold meetings (public/Private)
  • NFT guild can enjoy the benefit of token-gated spaces
  • Users can showcase their 2D/3D NFT
  • With BTP support users from other chains will also enjoy the benefit of the metaverse, and this will introduce new users to ICON.

The project took the Grand Prize in the Developer Segment of the Devera Blockathon.

Create your own 3D NFT Metaverse art gallery on the Eclectica website (ICX wallet sign-in required), or walk around an existing Metaverse space (no sign-in needed). Or just check out the demo video on Youtube.

I brake for Cherenkov blue.

As we said when ICON and Southeast Asian-based metaverse builder RFOX announced their partnership, the metaverse may be the internet’s next frontier, with advancements in broadband speeds, VR headsets and other peripherals, and other information technologies making realistic, virtually inhabitable worlds possible.

The metaverse offers a space where, in the words of one Bloomberg headline copywriter, “crypto, gaming and capitalism collide.” Its impact on education, business culture and job creation promises to be profound, as well.