The ICON Foundation has released its development roadmap for February. And there are some interesting developments, particularly regarding ICON 2.0 and BTP.

ICON 2.0 progresses

So, you’ll recall that in its previous roadmap update, the ICON Foundation announced several revisions and upgrades coming to the ICON 2.0 mainnet, including:

  • Increasing the main P-Rep count from 22 to 25
  • Funding the Contribution Proposal System (CPS) via ICX inflation, in accordance with IISS 3.1
  • Implementing the penalty for missing a Network Proposal vote

Well, apparently these have made it through the Berlin, Lisbon, and Sejong testnets.

Moreover, the P-reps have approved Revision 17, which opens the door to ICON 2.2.

What does Revision 17 contain, you ask?

Well, it contains:

  • Enable Extra main preps
  • Enable setScoreOwner API Preps
  • Enable network score management
  • CPS fund will be transferred to cps-related smart contracts
  • Adding JSON RPC metrics
  • Adding support manual chain backup
  • Implementing penalty for missed Network Proposal vote
  • We are setting new policy on network proposal submission fee

The passage of Revision 17 means ICON 2.2 is close. Real close.

But before we can finalize ICON 2.2, two steps need to happen:

  • Review & Debugging Governance SCORE 2.0 Java version
  • Change owner from built in owner to Gov SCORE itself

Regarding that first one, ICONLOOP is delaying converting the Governance SCORE 2.0 into Java, “as there is more review & debugging work to be completed.”

Anyway, both are currently scheduled for completion by Mar. 23.

Anyway, the main takeaway here is that once ICON 2.2 is up and running, the ICON Foundation will be shifting its resources from ICON 2.0 to BTP.

And speaking of BTP…

Starting with the obvious, the ICON Foundation noted the release last week of ICON Bridge, a “lite BTP” that will buy the team time to figure out how to bring BTP’s gas fees under control. 

The ICON Foundation also laid out the progress it made with BTP’s integrations.

  • Binance Smart Chain: Still waiting for the hard fork. In the meantime, ICON is working to integrate BSC into ICON Bridge, which requires no hard fork.
  • Moonriver: Also working to integrate Moonriver into ICON Bridge.
  • Harmony: Started end-to-end testing of minting wrapped ONE on ICON locally.
  • Algorand: Submitted a SHA3–256 pull request to the go-algorand repository. Oh, and Algorand’s state proofs are still in development, which means ICON is now exploring a temporary solution to relay Algorand state messages to ICON via a trusted oracle.
  • NEAR: Completed functional testing and Bazel integration for BTP smart contract deployment on ICON and NEAR. Don’t expect to see end-to-end testing this month, though.