Voters at the DeFi platform Balanced have finally passed a goodwill measure to soothe anger resulting from January’s mass liquidations.

The Balanced community enacted a proposal calling for a partial return of the liquidation penalty, with over 68 percent of voters approving the measure.

More specifically, the measure will return just over one-point-three two million of the one-point-five three million sICX in penalty fees, scaled linearly from beginning to end.

To support non-liquidated borrowers, 100 thousand sICX will be distributed pro-rata.

All sICX will come from collected penalty fees.

Balanced tweeted that community devs will publish a claim page soon, but if you don’t want to wait, you can claim from the contract via ICONex.

The yes vote comes after voters rejected seven goodwill proposals last month.

To recap, Balanced experienced a “black swan event” following the crypto crash in January.

During the event, large liquidations, high-risk positions and a drop in ICX price exasperated Balanced’s reverse rebalancing mechanism.

The result was a spiral of liquidations. Balanced DAO eventually took measures to stop the spiral, but not before 174 accounts were liquidated.