The ICE and SNOW networks continue to progress.

On Tuesday, the ICON Foundation announced that the official website of the ICON ecosystem’s EVM-compatible extension networks is now live.

The new website “will serve as the informational hub” for ICE and SNOW. It will also explain why users and developers should use the networks.

In case you’ve forgotten what ICE is, from the new website:

ICE aims to become a crowdloan-funded Polkadot parachain that serves as an extension network and application hub for the ICON ecosystem. ICE is the first network to use the Substrate SDK to extend the feature-set of an existing layer one blockchain.

Or as the website also puts it, “ICE bridges the gap between ICON and the Polkadot ecosystem.” Builders on ICE or SNOW automatically gain access to users from two thriving ecosystems: ICON and Polkadot.

Oh, and it’s EVM and eWASM-compatible. This means you can “migrate your Ethereum dApp to ICE, and benefit from lower gas fees and ICE’s network of connected blockchains.”

Don’t forget the testnet

The ICON Foundation also announced that Frost has also gone live.

Frost is the testnet for the ICE and SNOW networks.

The initial testnet isn’t fully stable and lacks key features such as tokenomics or governance. However, it is the “critical first step toward implementing our vision for SNOW and, eventually, ICE.”

The ICON Foundation said it would make the testnet development project an “open source” exercise. 

Meanwhile, preliminary documentation for building on Frost is now available. You can collect ICZ tokens from the #ice_testnet_faucet channel on the ICON Project Discord.