The upcoming NFT/metaverse game Wonderland is making full use of ICON’s interoperability potential.

The team behind the game announced Wednesday that it will use BTP to release on Harmony, followed soon after by SNOW and ICE.

The Harmony blockchain is one of BTP’s growing number of partners. In its announcement, the Wonderland team wrote:

This will be the first step for Wonderland to be a true cross-chain dApp from day one. Also, it will allow Wonderland Game to be released much faster! Last but not least, Harmony has one of the best GameFi ecosystems that has been growing exponentially with DeFi Kingdom and others dApps in the last few months. Bringing $SHROOM to Harmony will help further boost the gaming ecosystem in Harmony.”

As for ICE, the Wonderland team noted that ICON’s EVM-compatible blockchain needs a bit of time before it’s ready for the game, so they’ll first launch on SNOW, ICE’s canary network.

Wonderland also said it will be releasing a second phase of its whitelist — updates will be posted to the game’s website.