ICON’s NFT gaming ecosystem is about to expand. And in a major way.

ICONLOOP announced Tuesday that it signed a strategic partnership with the ICON Foundation and Korean game services startup 2bytes Corp. to establish a new blockchain-based interchain NFT game platform.

The platform, named SPERA, would connect NFTs issued on different blockchain networks and platforms, making them interoperable in true ICON style using BTP.

According to the announcement:

Currently, the vast majority of NFTs issued and distributed on various existing blockchain platforms do not have much use beyond ownership. Likewise, NFTs found in play-to-earn titles are currently limited in that they can only be used within the same game and platform.

The new platform will use the interchain BTP (Blockchain Transmission Protocol) technology to connect various NFTs from different blockchain ecosystems and make them operable by allowing them to be used within games on the SPERA platform, and plans to support P2E (Play-to-Earn) features as well.”

ICONLOOP will reportedly develop and support the platform based on its blockchain expertise, while the ICON Foundation will provide the BTP technology.

2bytes, meanwhile, will set up the blockchain service and handle the business side of the operation. According to the announcement, the company provides localization, QA, and global consulting services to more than 40 game developers and has recently set up its own game development studio.

SPERA already has a teaser site.

NFT gaming is taking off, and the sky is potentially the limit. CNET reported:

Critics dismiss NFTs as an energy-intensive fad that will soon go the way of Beanie Babies, while proponents argue they’re the beginning of a cultural shift that will upend digital ownership. Whether you find NFTs compelling or absurd, or simply don’t get it at all, the video game industry is increasingly embracing them — and cryptocurrencies — as the next big thing.”

NFT gaming even seems to be performing well amid the latest crypto correction.