ICONLOOP and major credit company Shinhan Card are leveraging blockchain technology to not only make the resort island of Jeju safer, but Shinhan Card users’ lives easier, too.

ICONLOOP announced Monday that Shinhan Card’s mobile platform “Shinhan pLay” has adopted ICONLOOP’s “Jeju Safety Code” contact tracing service.

“Shinhan pLay” users can now use Jeju Safety Code’s scan function within the “Shinhan pLay” platform itself.

Jeju Safety Code is the most popular contact tracing solution in Jeju Island, South Korea’s most popular holiday destination with 15 million visitors.

About 50,000 multi-use facilities and 2 million people use Jeju Safety Code.

ICONLOOP and Shinhan Card said the collaborative move marked the start of a strategic agreement to promote joint projects involving DID.

The two companies also plan to expand talks on enlarging business involving new blockchain technologies.

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