Korea’s national baseball league is jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced Tuesday that it plans to use “various platforms” — particularly digital technology — to improve communication with fans.

The KBO specifically cited video content, the “metaverse” and NFTs.

The league plans to join hands with one of its main sponsors, Shinhan Bank, to build a metaverse space where fans can enjoy online and mobile services.

The KBO also plans to launch NFT-based digital products. The league said it has received about 10 NFT-related proposals since the start of the year. It is currently considering products and distribution models based on the advice from blockchain and information security experts.

The KBO also plans to build a content platform where fans can collect KBO-minted NFTs and a secure trading platform. NFTs might include league and player-related images, videos, merchandise and league IP assets.

Sports leagues around the world have shown great interest in NFTs — see NBA Top Shot, the NBA’s NFT repository.
Not all leagues have embraced the new technology, though. The NFL just warned its teams against involvement in anything crypto-related, including NFTs.