You can now swap ICX on the cryptocurrency exchange aggregator SwapSpace.

From SwapSpace’s Twitter account:

You can play around with the ICX swap feature here.

As Patryk Galewski put it, “Another day, another exchange where you can swap $ICX.”

So, what is this SwapSpace about which we write?

Well, the Marshall Islands-based exchange aggregator  makes it easy to find the best rates in the cryptocurrency space.

From David Cox’s review at CryptoNewsZ:

“As per the reviews, SwapSpace has constant update features and shows users the best legit trading rates for a particular supported currency pair in different exchanges across the world. This saves users the time and inconvenience of looking through different exchanges to find the most profitable rate and can help users capitalize on time-sensitive market swings. SwapSpace exchange partners show the prices for more than 450 different cryptos and tokens at the most reliable international cryptocurrency exchanges.”

Be aware, though, that as an exchange aggregator, SwapSpace doesn’t hold user assets. That means you’re going to need a wallet of your own.

Wait, did you say the Marshall Islands?

Yes. Yes we did.

SwapSpace is based in the Pacific archipelago, where the authorities have been quite keen on cryptocurrency since 2018, when the island state passed the Sovereign Currency Act of 2018. The act set the stage for the Marshall Islands to create and issue a digital decentralized currency for use as legal tender. The government began testing the new digital currency in June of last year.

The Marshall Islands’ experiment with digital currency has met with disapproval by the IMF, which warned in March that the move could “raise risks to macroeconomic and financial stability as well as financial integrity.”

Still, the islands’ authorities see the new digital currency — based on blockchain architecture developed by an MIT professor — as a way to avoid high transaction fees, simplify compliance with international partners and protect against inflation:

“The advent of blockchain technology has opened up a world of opportunity for small nations like ours,” Marshall Islands Minister-in-Assistance to the President David Paul said when the country announced its plans. “By issuing a currency that is not physically embodied in cash, that can travel the globe instantly, and that is tamper-proof and completely secure, the Marshall Islands will finally be connected to the global financial system on its own terms.”