In this video, The Iconist shows you how ICONLOOP’s visitor registration DApp, VisitMe, takes care of all your appointment booking in a few easy steps. Working on ICON’s public blockchain, VisitMe is proving to be an application especially important now as COVID-19 precautionary measures are once again stepping up in ICONLOOP’s hometown of Seoul, South Korea.

VisitMe is a zero-contact service. It allows users to make appointments and get entry into offices without needing to approach a front desk and coming in close contact with others. 

In our video below, you can see just how simple it is to use the VisitMe mobile app and complete the registration process in a few steps.


The application can also be integrated into your essential productivity apps like Google Calendar, Trello, Slack and more. This help users streamline visitor access and review information on management data at any time.

It’s also worth noting that while the VisitMe DApp is a paid service, ICONLOOP is helping its customers out during this pandemic by providing up to 2,000 free admissions in the first two months of use.
In other news, ICONLOOP-led DID network MyID Alliance recently welcomed 5 more companies to its growing fleet of Growth Partners. Read all about it in our last post here.