ZenSports, a mobile peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace built on the ICON public chain, will be accepting fiat deposits via debit and wire transfers, as well as fiat withdrawals via wire transfers, starting March 31st.

The initiative will undoubtedly make ZenSports’ platform much more user-friendly. Prior to this, ZenSports accepted BTC or USD via Tether (USDT) or Skrill Digital Wallet.

Bets are likely to continue transacting mostly in cryptocurrency, however: people who use ZenSports’ proprietary SPORTS utility token for betting earn discounted betting fees, get cash back, bonuses and other rewards.

On the popularity of the SPORTS token, ZenSports CEO Mark Thomas told us, “Almost 100 percent of the bets in our app have taken place using our token since we launched it in July, 2019.” 

Thomas mentioned the speed of the ICON public chain as one of the contributing factors to SPORTS’ success as a revenue-driving utility token.

We sat down with ZenSports’ CEO for a video interview. We discussed how ZenSports is related to ICON, along with some of the features that make ZenSports unique, such as the lack of centralized bookies. You can see the video for yourself below:

Readers will remember that The Iconist also demoed ZenSports’ app last Friday. The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android.