This week, we’re introducing P-Rep candidate Piconbello, a team of community-driven blockchain enthusiasts hoping to facilitate communication between ICONists and developers. We asked them a few questions — here are their responses:

1. Tell us about your team

We are a team of 3 passionate blockchain followers, originating from the community that made blockchain what it is today. Our team consists of 3 developers with different skill sets. We are all connected in the sense that we tried to help the community in any way we could with various projects. Whit3 was part of community team for Raiblocks (now Nano), while Emre has worked as an advisor for many blockchain projects, helping them approach the community and integrate blockchain more efficiently into their business.

2. Why would you like to become an ICON P-rep?

Our team believes that we can establish a greater, better future for payments, finance and applications in daily life just by utilizing the concept of blockchain and software upon the chain. We believe that every sector can utilize blockchain in one of their operations. We also believe that many companies and developers that work on blockchain technologies don’t build upon the feedback of the community enough. As we are from the community itself, we believe that it is our duty to make developers understand what the community wants to have, and when and how they want it. By being a bridge between the community and developers, we strive to make the ICON network how it should be. Becoming an ICON P-Rep is an opportunity for us to make our imaginations a reality. 

3. Why should the voters vote for YOU?

We value community above anything else in the network. There are many blockchain projects in which there is no solid community to utilize the network. The main reasons for this issue are either the lack of skilled developers to make the product or the low value placed on input from the community. Since we are part of the community, just like everyone, we will make sure that every person’s opinion about the network matters and will be passed on to developers as useful feedback. We will also make sure that we are transparent in our operations, allowing everybody to see our operations clearly, understand what we’re doing and have an opportunity to provide suggestions. We believe that many blockchain projects lack a foundation of community-developer interaction. With us, however, ICON can be a great example of such a network. To accomplish this, we need your votes. If you value your opinions and if you want to make your opinions matter on the network, consider voting for Piconbello.

4. What do you like about ICON? What sets it apart from other blockchain platforms?

We admire ICON’s approach and dedication to development improvement. Most of the projects aim to become the next Ethereum/Bitcoin while improving nearly nothing. They created all of their chains to become a monopoly, but failed because they had nothing on their chains. ICON’s approach is much more realistic, connecting public and private chains. On the development side, they could have created a fork and adjusted some variables like most other chains, but they didn’t rush it and built a great platform in the end. The ICONSENSUS and SCORE environments are great examples of that.

5. How do you envision a decentralized ICON network? Why is decentralization important? 

We envision a decentralized blockchain network where everyone contributes, from development to decision making. Everyone in the community should have the right to express their opinions about a service or issue and these opinions should be considered. If an opinion is accepted with consensus, then that should be final. For example, if one P-Rep’s deployed service is desired to be changed by consensus, that P-Rep must change that service to the desired one, without any possibility of rejection. Following this approach, the ICON network will be decentralized in such a way that people shape the network according to their needs, in a logical and growing sense. For the community by the community.

Decentralization is important because a single human in charge is simply not viable. People fail as they succeed, because they get greedy and want more power. You can see examples of this in the early stages of blockchain projects. All DApps with that structure have also failed at some point. DApps can be fully on-chain with a fully decentralized network but in the end, all the power is given to a single entity. Decentralization makes it possible to make what people actually want, instead of one entity. Decentralızatıon solves these issues by dividing power, and if that happens successfully, it can overcome anything.

To learn more about Piconbello, be sure to read their full proposal on If you’re a P-Rep candidate and would like to be featured next, send us your answers to the above questions via email at!