ICONSENSUS Ambassador Russell Shirey, who is also a member of P-Rep candidate Ubik Capital, recently started a Telegram poll asking the community for their most important voting criteria ahead of ICONSENSUS in September.

At the time of this writing, 154 ICONists have voted and chosen what they deem to be the most important qualifiers in being a P-Rep. As Russell shared in his article, the most important criteria for becoming a P-Rep is community involvement (33%). Given that the community was only allowed to vote for one option, this truly reflects what is most important.  

Community engagement involves being actively present within the community, listening to the people and understanding their needs and concerns. P-Reps are expected to represent the community and thereby make decisions that reflect what is best both for ICON and ICONists. 

“It is important for ICONists to determine what they want from P-Reps, find P-Reps who align with those goals, and vote for them,” Shirey says. “It is also equally important for the ICONists to ensure they keep up to date with P-Rep activity so they can remove votes from P-Reps who do not follow through on the contributions in their proposals, and vote for better performing P-Reps to replace them. We hope ICONists do their due diligence in voting for the best P-Rep candidates, and continue to engage and keep them accountable to the ICON community.”

The second and third most important criteria were ‘Using rewards to improve ICON’ (23%) and ‘Involvement in ICON projects’ (21%). For those who haven’t voted yet, you can do so by joining Ubik Capital’s Telegram channel here.