Who will win the coveted grand prize of 300,000 ICX? While we can’t vote for the winners of ICON’s Got Talent, it’s still fun to have a look at the submissions and judge for ourselves. As the entries are made publicly available, you can even try them out to see which ones you like the best. Here’s a quick look at the participants so far.


BLOC8 has the ambitious goal of utilizing blockchain and ICON’s “Smart Contract on Reliable Environment” (SCORE) to protect vulnerable individuals and find missing people. Designed to be used by anyone with access to a smartphone or PC, the system uses BLOC8 tokens to monitor and identify if a holder suddenly disappears. To be protected, all you need to do is have an ICON blockchain address, complete the application form and follow the email verification procedures.


This DApp has a simple premise: write novels and record them on the ICON blockchain! While the current iconovel service is in Korean, it seems you can still write an entry in English (if you try it out, let us know!). This is a fun way to publish stories and “prove” that it is yours — meaning no copyright issues.


At this point, I think we’re no strangers to STAYGE. The karaoke DApp built on ICON has launched STAYGE.net, a platform that allows fans to form their own communities, whether that be for a favorite musician, celebrity, or even game! Fans are rewarded for their engagement (ie. commenting, sharing, new member invites, etc.) with ACT tokens, which they can then use to enjoy other apps within the community, buy items online or get discounts.

ICON Wish Board

Ever wanted to profess your love for ICX or share something with other ICONists? Now you can with the ICON Wish Board, a fun way of recording your wishes on the blockchain and get rewarded for it. You can either post a wish for free, or use your ICONex wallet to pay a default fee of 1 ICX for 600 characters. Rewards are given out based on the amount of wishes posted or thumbs up received. To learn more, you can refer to their Reddit submission. 


As its name indicates, Cryptoking is all about reaching the top of the throne…and staying there. To do so, you need to roll for items and upgrade them. Rolling for basic items costs only transaction fees, while paying some ICX will result in better items. Whoever has the highest item level at the end of 30 days will win the entire Cryptoking pot!


LogisticsX is aiming to transform last-mile logistics for distribution centers by creating a decentralized platform, which would offer a more harmonized and streamlined ecosystem for the different stakeholders involved in the process (third party logistics companies, e-commerce retailers, logistics couriers and end recipients). LogisticsX has currently implemented its solution on a 3rd party logistics company’s warehouse flow (login email: / password: 123456), enabling them to store and monitor package data flow on the blockchain. 

Think you’ve got what it takes to join ICON’s Got Talent? Register here! Hurry, you have until July 31st to participate.