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On Participatory Democracy and ICONSENSUS

Several ICONSENSUS ambassadors have already begun publishing content. Amongst them is Corey Costa, who has recently written about the P-Rep elections and rewards system encompassing ICONSENSUS.

On STAYGE: Rocking TX

STAYGE recently released a new DApp called K-Pop Speed Quiz, a game consisting of fan-generated and fan-verified quizzes about your favorite Korean pop stars.

ICON TX Challenge Vaporizes Ethereum

So many developers, pros and enthusiasts alike, are taking part in the TX Challenge, that on June 5, the number of daily transactions on ICON actually exceeded that of Ethereum.

Huawei’s 5G Lab: Harbinger of a Blockchain Future?

Huawei launched an open 5G lab in downtown Seoul on May 30. Could Korea's head start in 5G yield benefits to Korea-based blockchain companies, too?

Why weBloc Wants to be Your P-Rep

Why is weBloc Asia running for P-Rep? Steve Cho, the project's Head of Global Business, says the answer is quite simple.

LINE and Visa Partner to Develop Fintech and Blockchain Solutions

Japanese messaging giant LINE has recently announced a new partnership with Visa to deploy innovative new financial experiences in the areas of global payments, transfer platforms and blockchain.

ICON and Chain Partners Partner Up

ICON recently announced a new partnership with Chain Partners, a blockchain fintech company focused on building the future of crypto finance.

Recap of ICONSENSUS Live Discussion #2

Meet P-Rep candidates Draicon Ball, ICON Nexus, Gilga Capital, Somesing and ICONNECT in the 2nd ICONSENSUS live chat.

Smart City Project ‘WeGo’ Soon to Speed Up ICON Traction

ICON will soon unveil a blockchain-based smart city project in cooperation with the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO).

Recap of ICONSENSUS Live Discussion #3

Here's a recap of the third ICONSENSUS live conference call with P-Rep candidates Paradigm Citadel, ICON Sweden, Rhizome and Common Computer!

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