Gangwon Province’s “Nayana” mobile digital service platform has officially launched, giving MyID yet another real-world use case.

ICONLOOP announced Monday that Nayana is Korea’s first blockchain-based integrated service platform, and offers administrative and ecommerce services.

Powered by ICONLOOP’s DID technology, Nayana lets Gangwon Province residents use their smartphones to remotely apply for subsidies and other services. No visit to the local government office is necessary, and you need to verify your identity only once.

ICONLOOP’s DID technology simplified the previously complicated application process for services by eliminating much of the paperwork. And by unifying online and offline ID verification, you can expand the use of Nayana to finance and other sectors.

When you issue a DID through Nayana, you can scan which administrative services are right for you via the data you provide and your personal settings.

Some 3,000 provincial residents downloaded a trial version of the platform during the two-week trial period.

What does Nayana do, exactly?

Well, you can apply for:

  • Electronic provincial IDs
  • Subsidies such as childcare subsidies, farming allowances, disaster relief funds
  • Promote individualized services
  • E voting
  • Ecommerce
  • Instant communications, chatting and storylines
  • Library membership, tourist site entry fees and city and country services (to come in the second half of the year)

ICONLOOP and ICT firm Douzone Bizon developed the platform with Gangwon Province.

The governor of Gangwon Province, the mayor of Chuncheon and leading figures from ICONLOOP, Douzone Bizon, SK Telecom, KT and LG+ attended an agreement ceremony on Monday on expanding and developing the platform.

Nayana represents another use case of ICONLOOP’s signature MyID solution.

ICONLOOP created the MyID platform to make DID technology easier and more convenient. MyID lets you safely store and verify personal data for financial ID services, local administrate services and the like.