ICON’s NFT ecosystem continues to grow.

The digital collectible GangstaBet will be holding a pre-sale on 25th September 2021 at 15:00 UTC.

All 5,555 of the collection’s 5,555 unique gangsters and detectives will be available for purchase.

Inspired by classic gangster movies from the 90s, GangstaBet lets users evolve their unique 8-bit characters using the GangstaBetToken ($GBET), which is distributed to holders on a daily basis.

The goal of the “game” is for gangsters or detectives to reach their respective ecosystem. From the website:

Unlike other collectibles, buyers have full ownership and control over their GangstaBet’s evolution. The skills of a GangstaBet can be increased by burning $GBET. As you increase your character’s skills, you will move up the ranks within the world of gangsters and detectives, with the ultimate goal of becoming a global Mob Leader or Chief Constable. As you move up the ranks, it will become increasingly difficult to reach the top of the game. In addition, buyers will be able to change the name of their GangstaBet. The names of every GangstaBet will be unique, which means that no two characters can ever share the same name.”

Both gangsters and detectives are assigned classes and skills. Each character has five skills — three core to their type (gangster or detective) and two that vary accounting to class.

Gangsters come in five classes (Pokerstar, Rumrunner, Commander, Brute & Marksman) while detectives come in four (Commander, Brains, Investigator, Brute).

To buy a GangstaBet, you’re going to need a wallet such as ICONex and some ICX.